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Over the past couple weeks I have been reading plenty of books on entrepreneurship. Not only am I in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Honors Program here at the University of Maryland, College Park but I have also dedicate my Honors Seminar paper completely to student entrepreneurship. I think entrepreneurship is a very important value to instill into the citizens of America and the world for that matter. Some are innately born with that entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to create and innovate a product or service that solves a problem or improves upon an already existing solution. Other people gain an interest through time and really see a gap or a void that they can fill with their creative ideas. I personally aspire to create my own innovation incubator where I essentially sit around a white board with other smart and creative individuals and come up with devices that will make life easier for humanity in some shape or form.

In the financial slump that our economy is currently in, we are now more than ever in a greater need for entrepreneurs. It is entrepreneurs who will create companies thus creating jobs and putting more money back directly into our economy. Not only do they create companies but those companies create products or offer services that, in order for the business to survive, revolutionize or at least improve the consumer’s life in a very simple way. This is why I am personally studying to learn the ropes of entrepreneurship because I hope in the near future I will be taking the first steps towards creating my own business that advances technology and improves the standard of living for everyone on the planet.

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