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The Power of Information

Last weekend was pretty busy so for this weekend I will write two blog posts to make up the difference. For the first of these posts I wanted to talk about information and it’s effects on society. One of the most important things I have learned in my short existence so far is that you can never stop learning nor should you ever be complacent with what you have learned so far. There is so much out there to try to understand and there is no possible way that we will ever be able to figure it all out but actively trying to learn everyday is an important part of progressing your life both professionally and your overall well being. It is true that you learn something new everyday but your can learn more than just one thing a day if you have a thirst for knowledge. Possessing knowledge gives you so many advantages. If you have an extensive knowledge on a particular subject it gives you the ability to do so many things like hold intellectual conversations about the topic, teach that topic to get paid, apply that knowledge to build things as well as many more things that I couldn’t even begin to list.

The only way the cavemen evolved into the modern society it is today is by using their knowledge about how to build a fire and wheels that it eventually led to the iPhone and Facebook. Knowing what is going on in the world is one of the most important if not only way you can get ahead in life. In this world there are almost 7 billion people and many of them are working on something newsworthy. Whether it is a research project, politics, press conference, natural disasters, etc, this information provided by the news is invaluable. With the proliferation of the internet, you can easily find out the latest details from everything in the world to your specific friend group over twitter. Twitter is a great way to stay up to date on current events because it provides the information in real time. In the past, power was gained from physical strength, land ownership, abundance of resources and a multitude of other ways. Now in the digital age, the power of information reigns supreme. Power is essentially granted by having leverage over your competitors and nowadays, if you control the flow of information you can control everything. This is why staying current with the news is such a vital part of having a successful life because  possessing the knowledge of information allows you to be more powerful thus giving you the ability to achieve more of your goals and dreams.

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