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Rekindling the Flame

While Thanksgiving break has come and gone it provided college kids with the opportunity to return home to their friends and families. While I live within 30 minutes of my home, other friends went to school hours away and it could potentially be the first time home since they left for college in the first place. One thing for sure is that it represents a chance for everyone in your friend group to be home at the same time. I was given the chance to see some friends who I hadn’t seen for 3 months and it was amazing. Naturally we shared stories of our respective colleges. Whether it was inquiring how classes were or listening to the craziest stories, it really proved to me just how important friends are. “You never truly appreciate something until it’s gone.” This old saying rings true in this case and I can say from personal experience I missed my friends a lot more by going to college than I would have otherwise. When you leave your friends behind as you leave for college, there becomes a huge void in your life that you desperately try to fill during the first couple weeks of school. It can be stressful during this time but, for me at least, it gave me a great chance to meet such an awesome and diverse group of people that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. I am very thankful for the environment I’ve been welcomed into in college and judging from the conversations I’ve had with my friends, they’ve been able to fit in at their colleges as well.

Friendship is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. We are innately social creatures, and while some are more outgoing than others, we need people to relate with and share our deepest emotions with. They serve other roles as well like support systems and just people who you can go to when you want to have fun. I have found that your high school friends and college friends get separated into two different categories. Your high school friends can go with you on your journey to college and make that transition but it is more than likely that you develop two unique friend groups. In order to maintain strong relationships, there needs to be a semi-constant contact between the two individuals. If you don’t keep in touch after long periods of time, it is inevitable that your friendship will wane in strength. You will invariably spend less time with your high school and more with your college friends because they are within your immediate environment almost 24/7 in the case of dorm life. While Facebook allows us to regulate our connections with our older friends who could be across the world, nothing can compare to the actual physical presence your college friends have and thus they will most likely start gaining priority in your life. This is why you must take full advantage of these breaks we are given to fully rekindle your friendship. I spent a majority of Thanksgiving break reminiscing over past memories and made new ones as well. Thanksgiving break proved to me why I loved being friends with those special people in the first place and I know I look forward to spending more time with them in the future. Now the only thing preventing me from making that a reality is finals. Wish me luck!

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