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Showers are an interesting and vital invention to modern day society. They were one of the driving forces in bringing society out of the dark ages with improved hygiene but that’s just the beginning. Showers not only represent a place for us to unwind and cleanse ourselves of the previous day but it also gives us an opportunity to reflect. It is one of the only chances that we get during the day to be completely uninterrupted by the distractions that technology and the everyday responsibilities that we have. It is an amazing place that facilitates reflection. I love it how everything becomes so much clearer as you take a shower. It’s as if with each sud that you wash, it washes away the stress and problems of yesterday leaving you refreshed and ready to take on a brand new day.

This reflection period is a very unique time that showers afford us. Relfection allows us additional insight into our lives that we otherwise wouldnt be given. Whether it is reflecting on the actions that you took during the day or reflecting on how their consquences will impact your future, relfecting is very important because it gives us the opportunity to look inside ourselves and learn from the actions that we’ve taken and learn from the mistakes that have arisen because of them or the beneficial impacts that our actions have made as well. We need showers as a chance to look into our pasts and learn lessons and morals from them to apply to our futures and increase the liklihood of our success. We evaluate our current lifestyles and well beings and then use the reflection period to adjust our choices to make sure that we can achieve our desired goals.

Showers also represent a chance for us to think creatively. I don’t know what it is about the shower, but it is an amazing environment to facilitate and get our creative juices flowing. I think  every idea that I have ever had for a philosophy post has come out of the shower. Starting up Human Powered Podcasts, this personal blog, and almost every other venture has been the result of an idea I had in the shower. I was actually thinking of the inspiration for this post while in the shower. There is probably some pretty intense psychological studies that back this theory up but the shower has to be the best place for inspirations and epiphanies. I think it is very hard to just try and have a great idea but if you’re looking for one you will most likely find it in the shower. For all of these reasons, showers place an important role in our society that has a noticeable impact on each and every individual past just keeping us healthy and clean. It is truly the innovator’s paradise. While it may make you a creative thinker, don’t count on it to make your rendition of Better with the Lights Off to sound any better.

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