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If you’ve noticed that I haven’t been updating my blog or my philosophy podcasts recently it’s because I’ve been on my winter break. I am doing my best to get back on track but all of this rest and relaxation has taken a huge toll on my productivity. Breaks have vital side effects on life. They first and foremost revitalize us and restore us from the degenerative tolls that our daily tasks take on our bodies and overall well being. It is completely natural that we get tired from exerting our energy on completing tasks and getting work done. We strive for being successful just as much as we strive for those breaks that take away from us getting work done to be successful. If only playing video games and watching tv can get us rich and famous! Well since this economy isn’t looking to hire any professional couch potatoes, it is going to require a lot of extensive and exhaustive work and with that it is going to take a lot of breaks in the process. We can’t continuously exert our full effort at all times and the longer we work the more and more our performance gets diminished. It’s just not humanely possibly to consistently maintain that 100% all the time. Intermittent breaks allow us to get fully recharged and ready to get back in action.

Breaks don’t necessarily need to consist of things you normally think of like laying by the pool and tanning. They can range anywhere from taking a nap to working out. In fact, there are millions of different ways that you can do to make sure your body recuperates. Naps are a great way to take a rest and completely feel refreshed when you wake up. Sleeping affords us the opportunity to free ourselves from the stress and concerns we normally have when we’re conscious. Stress is the main contributor to fatigue whether it is physical stress or mental strain. Working out is another good break because it gets our mind pumping and our endorphins flowing giving us a natural high and the feeling that we can take on the world. Whatever you can personally do to make yourself feel relieved is a great way to take a break. Just make sure it is constructive towards your health or else you are completely defeating the purpose of a break. My personal favorite activity is to play some videogames but you’ve got to make sure you don’t need to take a break from your break. Breaks are usually something we enjoy doing or else we wouldn’t be allowing them to consume our downtime. Things like Facebook become quite addicting and your 10 minute break can take up an hour easily. The break should ideally get your mind off your current task at hand without taking up the entire amount of time you have available to complete the task. Employing this makes me as efficient as humanely possibly but I still can’t deny the charm of sitting on a couch all day watching reruns of Modern Family.

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